Olbrechts Quality Tomatoes

Family character

Olbrechts Tomatoes is a strong family company with a rich tradition. For three generations, tomatoes are grown to the highest standards in the market.

The company deliberately did not develop into a mastodon. The advanced quality control remains in the hands of the grower! Your guarantee of the highest quality.


First we have the certificate GLOBALG.A.P. This international standard guarantees we show respect for nature and employees, and that we are attentive to the reduction of pesticides.

In addition, we obtained the CKCert label. This guarantees through strict controls that we entirely comply to the rules of the Flandria label!

Flandria quality label

Flandria is the Belgian quality label for fruit and vegetables. It guarantees environmentally conscious cultivation, quality and freshness.

Only top quality products, awarded with a perfect taste and impeccable appearance get the Flandria label. We're very proud that, after rigorous checks, we were granted the Flandria label!

The right balance between flavor and product

Great attention to the environment.

The environmentally friendly cultivation is a major asset in Olbrechts BVBA. This is substantiated by the maximum use of biological control, drainage water recycling and eco-friendly energy heat and power (CHP).


Our rockwool slabs on which we grow the tomatoes are picked up by Grodan every year at the end of the production. They ensure 100% recycling of the rock wool mats.


The selection of varieties is determined by many taste tests and quality checks. For Olbrechts BVBA the right balance between taste, production and quality is very important. Each year, new tests are being cultivated to improve in these aspects.



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