Olbrechts Tomaten is a close-knit, family-type company, with an eye for quality and a keen environmental awareness. We grow, select and package according to the strictest standards.

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Whether you enjoy our amazingly tasty snack tomatoes as a healthy snack, an aperitif or in a fresh salad bowl. It simply doesn’t matter; they are always delicious!

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Deliciously firm tomatoes, grown with respect for the environment and selected according to a strict selection process. Discover our Prince Tomatoes, available in various sizes.

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Quality tomatoes – Environmentally-friendly growing techniques!

Olbrechts bvba is a horticultural company that has been growing top quality tomatoes for 3 generations. The range was expanded to include snack tomatoes in 2013. Alongside growing, the company is also active in sorting and packing the tomatoes.

Our pride and joy? The Flandria label! This label guarantees an environmentally-friendly growing process, quality and freshness. Only the very best quality products are awarded the Flandria label.

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Our tomatoes


Prince is a loose tomato with firm flesh. They are harvested when they are red and are therefore ideal for use in salads, sandwiches as well as in hot meals.

There are various dimension options in the Prince Tomatoes segment. The tomatoes are carefully selected according to their maximum cross-section diameter.

Snack tomatoes

The company has three different coloured snack tomatoes, i.e. orange, yellow and red. Only the best are offered in the range. This is ascertained as a result of various taste tests.

The Brix value determines the tomato’s quality. This is considered to be a very important aspect. A high Brix value indicates a sweeter flavour and better shelf life.


Olbrechts Tomaten markets snack tomatoes under the label Tom-X. These are often packed in a delicious mix of the three colours: red, orange and yellow.

You can find our Tom-X packs or tubs at various sales outlets, e.g. at Hubo. The guarantee of a local, environmentally-friendly growing process is thrown in for free!

Did you know ...

Did you know that tomatoes are an outstanding source of vitamins? It doesn’t make much difference whether they are raw or processed. And, in fact, the concentration of vitamins (lycopene) is even higher in tomato puree or sauce. The carotene in the tomatoes also protects your skin from damaging sunlight.


New website!

02.2015 - We are delighted to introduce you to our new website (suitable for smartphones!) Please feel free to let us know what you think!

Planting snack tomatoes

01.2015 - The new cycle of our super-tasty snack tomatoes is starting again! On 15 January, the young plants were planted out.

Start of 2015 season

12.2014 - And the new season is starting with the planting of the delicious Prince tomatoes on 5 December. Countdown to harvest?

Belorta company film

05.2014 - Belorta recorded part of her film about tomatoes and dishes in our company!

Short version - Long version


04.2014 - The huge demand from supermarkets and specialists has led to us expanding our area for snack tomatoes to 12,000 m2!

Start of snack tomatoes

01.2013 - As a result of a demand from many supermarkets, we grow and pack delicious snack tomatoes. A great challenge!

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